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Saturday, July 6, 2013

[mslee1107 Review] Empire of Gold Episode 2 - Divided For Power

From the ending of episode 1, Jang Tae Joo [TJ] held the money bag and begged the hospital to save his father while the cops were holding his arms and dragging him away, witnessed by his sister Hee Joo. 

Next scene found him inside the cell. Hee Joo visited him and told him that their father passed away and his remains were scattered in a place he likes to be.

Tae Joo felt helpless. He imagined his father visited him and told him to make it in this world and win even once. An advise that he will definitely heed. TJ had experience a difficult situation in a hard way. He realized that what his father told him before was true. Sometimes, doing the right thing won't get you nowhere. It had to be courage and determination to get what you want to win the battles in life.

Luckily, Choi Dong Sung of Sung Jin Construction survived the operation. I'm still not sure why this family seems to hold secrets, thus tension can be felt. CDS is clearly very fond of his youngest, Choi Sung Jae [Lee Hyun Jin] though it was later revealed in the story that his father is already dead. He is also a little bit colder towards his mother, CDS wife. 

Inside the prison TJ met Choi Yong Jae, Min Jae's brother. He had asthma. While conflicts between two families are going on, MinJae wants to reconcile with his uncle. Maybe to further his ambition. But his father, Dong Jin doesn't want to. Min Jae visited Yong Jae and told him that their money was being paid for his release. I guess, a father would do anything for a son. But MJ told it in a sarcastic advise, to live his life without getting them in trouble again. Yong Jae, in his end, realized his mistakes and what a burden he was to the family, decided to just end his life. I think what happened was what he decided. He let go of his medicines, his inhaler, so that when asthma attacked him, he died. Tae Joo witnessed it and with his quick thinking, grabbed that moment for his chance to make money.

Meanwhile, Min Jae met with Tae Joo and saw through him. They both knew that Yong Jae could not have left last words for his family. But MJ was willing to give TJ anything he wants in exchange for lying to his father about reconciling with his uncle. Instead, TJ told otherwise. He said that YJ wants justice.  MJ was so angry towards TJ. This part was my favorite scene between them. TJ clearly is not backing down. 

Another heartwarming in this episode is that even though Dong Sung and Dong Jin are having misunderstanding as brothers and their families are getting dragged in the situation because of the company and shares, there is truth that somethings can not be forgotten especially growing up together as family, as cousins. Yong Jae seems a favorite cousin to Seo Yoon and despite the disputes, they remained close. I can feel SY's sadness at what happened to YJ. But then, this only made her choose what will be right for the company. To kick father and son out of the company. Perhaps, because greed is eating DJ and MJ and envy is the poison that make them do bad things for the company.

Purchasing lots and lands for the following days before the company meeting in order to gain more shares inside the company is what MJ's goal to defeat SY's family.

And because Tae Joo knew who ordered the abolition of the tenants that caused his father to pass away, he fortunately got the list of all the tenants MJ was supposed to buy lands. Together with Seol Hee, they owned the lands.

He bargained but told MJ through phone that he won't sell. Instead TJ called Seo Yoon about it.



I love the ending. At last, they will meet for the first time. Although each had already caught a glimpse of each other when TJ came to the office. 

A meeting I hope that will make SY and TJ a team to stop MJ from his plans.

For now, these are my own recaps and review for this episode. I like the story. It's about family conflict. About greed, power and I think destiny. Because man chooses his path or destiny either to win or lose.

And Tae Joo's destiny is just starting...

-this is mslee1107 writing-

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