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Thursday, September 18, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Discovery of Romance -Tae Ha and Yeo Reum "Let's Break Up" Review

I have said before that I have a soft spot for Kang Tae Ha. I won't defend his faults and his share on what happened with his relationship with Yeo Reum in the past. In episode 10, he finally see and admitted to himself that what Yeo Reum has described him as is true. He is arrogant, he took for granted Yeo Reum's presence in his life and when she needed him the most, he was not there for her.

I felt Tae Ha's sincere feelings for Yeo Reum now, though late. But then, I think that it was not solely his fault what happened to them in the past. I think Yeo Reum was also selfish in her own way, not sharing her pains with him and her friends. All of them were not informed of what really happened to her father and how he died. She kept it all to herself. I think in fairness to Tae Ha, she wanted his comfort without reservation but she in turn was keeping something from him about her father's death.

I felt sad when Tae Ha brought out the box full of their memories. Almost one by one, he looked at the photos and tried hard to remember each. That moment he was saying goodbyes to those memories. That moment, he knew he was wrong, he scarred  her heart and even though he loves her still, he needed to let go.

There was a scene at the hospital while Yeo Reum was unconscious, he broke down and that was a very heart tugging moment. For the first time he was honest with his feelings as he admitted to his mistakes. He also realized that what he did to her made her who she is now. She has not gone near where her father is buried, not even going there once. She kept all her emotions about him to herself. And she is living a lie, making it seems that all is well and good and that she is happy, nothing is missing. But she is lying to herself, pretending. Tae Ha recognized this that's why she fainted.

"Let's Break Up"

Will this affect Yeo Reum's feelings? Will this closure from the past turn around the story?

The final scenes in episode 10, Tae Ha talked to her and told her that they had not had a proper break up because all this time, he did not understand why? But now he told her that they are breaking up properly. It was a difficult moment for him, knowing he already gave up on her. Maybe he thought his presence in her life would only remind her of their failed romance and the pains it brought to her.

He wants her to be happy now with Ha Jin. Somehow I am glad that Tae Ha told her that she will not be working with him anymore and that he won't see her again. Maybe it is the romantic in me wishing that this decision of Tae Ha will wake her up from what she thought is a perfect relationship that she has right now. Well, in essence, Ha Jin has his own secret from her, and he has feelings for A Rim, although not clear yet. Comparing from Tae Ha's mistakes, I think he knew that he did not hide a woman from Yeo Reum that's why he thinks Yeo Reum does not deserve Ha Jin.

Next episode will be more interesting. I wonder how will Yeo Reum react to Tae Ha's decision. I wonder if she will realize something about him. I wonder how will Tae Ha move on. Sometimes, it is good to feel that you don't care anymore towards the person you love, to protect your pride. From episode 1, Tae Ha has received all kinds of insults from Yeo Reum and she got away with all of them because Tae Ha is guilty of his own sins. But right now, I hope Yeo Reum will find out that she also hurt Tae Ha badly.

As for Ha Jin, well, I will wait for further development to tell if he truly love Yeo Reum and wants her to be his future. 

But I do like Tae Ha. Ottoke writernim?


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