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Sunday, September 14, 2014

[mslee's thoughts] Final Thoughts : It's Okay It's Love Review

Moments from It's Okay it's Love

I will start from episode 13 where realization hit Hae Soo hard, There was denial, because it is not easy to accept the fact that Jae Yeol, the man she learned to love has a mental illness [schizophrenia] that needs immediate medical care. Seeing the evidence from the video recorded via CCTV of Jae Yeol fighting alone with himself or with an invincible person that he calls Kang Woo is a heartbreaking scene for her.

It was concluded in this episode that the mother has dissociative identity disorder, which came from the trauma she suffered when she burned the house that caused the death of her husband. It is sad that this family had undergone so much pain and violence in the past and not undergone medical attention. Times passed as they all three coped with their trauma and the guilt they have towards one another. The betrayal Jae Beom got from his brother was not understood that's why he lived in anger towards his mother and brother.

I was so sad for the mother when she learned of Jae Yeol's mental health. They had to tell her to get her consent to admit Jae Yeol in the hospital for treatment. Even Soo Kwang immediately went to Jae Yeol and asked him to a game of basketball to show his care for him. He randomly mentions about it is an illness not to eat and rest, because Jae Yeol does not eat and rest when he is writing.

The latter part of the episode showed Hae Soo taking care of Jae Yeol like a true girlfriend. She spent some sweet moments with him because she knew any moment he will be transfered to the hospital. She asked them to give him a sedative while he sleeps so he would not know. But time is precious and she almost did not want to end their moments.

Episode 13

Episode 14

In this episode, the preparation to hospitalized Jae Yeol took some time. It was the most heartbreaking moment for Hae Soo, deceiving Jae Yeol of her real intention. But then Jae Yeol suddenly disappeared form the bedroom because he went to find Kang Woo. Schizophrenia usually makes a person commit suicide in the end. In Jae Yeol's case, while he gunned the accelerator of the car to find Kang Woo, he got into an accident, while he thought Kang Woo also got into one and seemed he needed help.

Jae Beom is already out and also sent a message to Jae Yeol to meet. He witnessed the accident and how Jae Yeol crumbled on to the street as he cried amidst his own wounds for Kang Woo who was invincible to anyone.

The medical team arrived at the scene with Hae Soo and she cried seeing Jae Yeol, vulnerable and wounded. She embraced him tighly while he asked her to help Kang Woo. It was another heart wrenching scenes, to see you man fall apart and realizing that he really is sick, mentally sick. 

This episode showed Jae Yeol in the hospital, looking lifeless because of the medications he is taking. He even has hard time to walk or do anything like talking. He was told of his disease and that Kang Woo is not real but only his hallucinations. He watched the video where he saw himself talking to someone and fighting and being assaulted  by someone invincible. But his mind could not grasp this truths.

Jae Beom is back in the house with his mother. But he is still treating his mother badly verbally. He also saw Jae Yeol at the hospital but because he is confined not to see relatives for now, he just take a peek outside the door. He learned of the trauma and the cause of the betrayal through the doctor, Dong Min.

I think I can understand Hae Soo's family especially the mother when she learned about Jae Yeol's sickness  and opposed to the relationship. She is not happy that Hae Soo is not breaking up witih him and so asked her to. She told her it is not easy living with a patient, just like what she has been doing with their father. Jae Yeol's mental stability can not be guaranteed forever after he is cured because it can relapse anytime. Hae Soo attained her success as a doctor through the money her mother got from her relationship with Mr. Kim. It was not a memory that will make anyone in the family happy and be proud of, but there was no other way, considering her father's case. Even her sister told her that she only studied in a community college because of her and her ambition to be a doctor. So somehow, I can understand where their reasoning are coming from. It will be a waste if her future will be hampered by Jae Yeol's illness.

Another painful scenes of Hae Soo and Jae Yeol at the hospital. 

She broke the rule of not visiting him. He was being isolated from relatives and from Hae Soo until the duration of making him stable. But she begged the attending intern who is in charged when Lee Young Jin is not around. In the end, she was given a short time to visit him. She talked to him. He had difficulty expressing his thoughts due to the medicines. She told him that Kang Woo is not real and she is real. He has to realize that Kang Woo is his younger version that he created to protect. Jae Yeol begged her to let him be discharged. But she was firm, thankfully, because she realized  that he is still seeing Kang Woo and her visit somehow affected him. 

Episode 15

Jae Yeol continues to take his medicines. It is the only way for him to see Hae Soo again. To be cured immediately. But he still sees Kang Woo although he is keeping it to himself. His brother visited him and poured out his anger by kicking him and hurting him physically. He finally understood the betrayal but he just have to release his anger that builds up for the last fourteen years he was imprisoned unjustly. But the beatings he gave Jae Yeol at the hospital is the closure he needed for all the angst he carried. After that moment, he lived like a new person and eat well with his mother. Just like Dong Min has diagnosed Jae Beom, he is just acting like a child due to what he experienced from the past seeing Jae Yeol receiving so much affection from their mother.

When the mother visited Jae Yeol, he asked her to discharged him and that he will recuperate in the house and will take his medicines properly and religiously. Even if doctor Young Jin told the mother he still needs to stay in the hospital, the mother told her she would take care of him.

Even if Hae Soo cried asking him to finish his medication at the hospital, Jae Yeol was firm in his decision. Time passed away in the house with Tae Yong also there. Seemed that everything is okay now in the family. He is taking his medicines seriously, but Kang Woo is still there. Good thing about it, he does not talk to him like he used to. Maybe a part of him believes he is his younger self he created but another part of him is not ready to accept. 

Hae Soo called him. Jae Yeol broke up with him when he went home. Hae Soo told him she would be leaving. Hae Soo wanted him to realize that what they have is real compare to Kang Woo. I think the best thing that jolted Jae Yeol from his hallucinations about Kang Woo  was when Hae Soo told him to look closely towards Kang Woo from his eyes down and there he would see inconsistency that most patients like him realized. Even I as a viewer was surprised at what I saw, what Jae Yeol finally realized. In all these times, Kang Woo was barefooted with wounds that seemed like it was always there and not healing, The same feet, the same bloody cuts. He asked him when did they first meet and Kang Woo answered, three years ago. He remembered their past conversation that Kang Woo said he was a second year. When he asked him now, he also said the same thing. Three years but nothing changed! Realization struck him hard.

He saw his younger self running, the same set of feet, wounded, scared. Kang Woo running, barefoot, wounded. 

That moment revealed what his mind has created. Finally, he accepted the fact that he is really sick and needs proper medication. He saw Hae Soo. He was sweating and tired, must be from running to see her immediately. 

The best part of the ending...saying goodbye to Kang Woo. Hae Soo gave Jae Yeol a pair of running shoes. He talked to Kang Woo, cleaned his feet, dried with towel, slipped a pair of socks and then the shoes. 

A closure for both of them. Heartbreaking because Kang Woo has been his friend all this years while coping with his trauma and pains from the past. Time to let go and move on. Kang Woo asked him if he does not wnnt him to come back anymore. Jae Yeol cried as he said yes.

I think this scene particularly is very touching and moving. The simplicity of their goodbye is so beautiful. 

Episode 16

Final episode. Final thoughts...

This is the time to fix everything. Jae Yeol has to completely heal. He also knew that Hae Soo's mother wants her to get on with her plans. He has to let her go again. He broke up with her. He told her that she should be doing what she has to while he recovers. He does not want to stop her from achieving her goals. He knew her family has a lot of debt and that Hae Soo has her own responsibility.

Hae Soo told him what if she meets another guy. Then it is not meant to be. She accepted his decision but told him that if and when she comes back, if everything is okay, then there will be no reason not to be back with each other.

At first her mother did not believe her. Maybe she will go away but will keep contact with Jae Yeol. She told her that she will do what is asked of her, but trust her and her decisions in the future.

A year has passed. No communication. Jae Yeol is back to normal activities. One day she was back. No reaction from Soo Kwang and Dong Min. They were not surprised at all. She felt odd. Then there was Jae Yeol, living in the same house again. Not showing surprised that she was back. She felt cheated. 

But only for a moment. The reunion was sweet. They hugged and kissed not minding Soo Kwang and Dong Min entering the room. Even if they stayed and stared. But of course, they aske to be left alone. The two took their time leaving.

Another year passed, Hae Soo got pregnant. Jae Yeol is one happy father to be.

I love how the story tackled the difficulties of the situations. This is really a different kind of love story. But it sure happens in real life. What is amazing is that Hae Soo and Jae Yeol conquered their fears, their traumas and Jae Yeol's mental illness. They persevered to get well for each other. I love how the writer showed the bond Jae Yeol has with his hallucination who is Kang Woo. Although damaging mentally, how it ended was beautifully executed. It was like saying goodbye to your own self. To your other self that is vulnerable and full of pains.

The build up of the story going to it's climax is steady. The unfolding of events are not hurried. The pace is also quite good. I love how the romance was formed early on in the story. The moments became memorable that will later on be used to gauge how firm their love for each other.

Certainly, It's Okay It's Love is a very different kind of love story written. 
Unique in it's own way. The journey is not easy but the OTP made it to their happily ever after. It may not be all smooth but there will be hard times as well. The good thing about it, they have overcome a big problem early on that made them stronger.

It's Okay It's Love is about accepting everything about a person and not be afraid to love him because, really, it is okay, because it is what love is.

Applaud  the writer and the director of this awesome drama. Another great love story in K-dramaland. Another amazing role for Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung. Awesome performance, great chemistry. Special mention for D.O. for putting his best act for the role of Kang Woo.  And of course, Lee Kwang Soo for his in depth role as Soo Kwang. Well all the actors did a great job. They fitted their characters well. 

I still remember putting this aside for a while then giving it another chance. Glad that I did not missed this drama. 


Final screen caps...

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