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Monday, April 27, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] Hong Jong Hyun Update! He is everywhere...The Next Hallyu Star? Photos and Video

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mslee1107 writes...

Wow! I can now say that Hong Jong Hyun's popularity is soaring high. What he has achieved so far during and after WGM is amazing. He is everywhere. Almost everyday there are updates on this handsome man. There are promotions on his movie Police Family 2 which will premiere tomorrow, 2015/04/29, then there are  Jill by Jill Stuart brand which always updates pictorials of him and lastly, news and interviews in all major news outlets and magazines. 

Just recently he was in SBS Power FM with PHS for an interview.

[gif mslee1107]

He also won an award in the recent 2015 Asia Model Awards.

Yeah, Hong Jong Hyun is turning to be the next Hallyu wave star of the year.

Suffice it to say that although he has been in the industry for sometime now and has already known mostly for his modeling works, still WGM catapulted him to where he is right now, and this is a fact. His virtual marriage with bubbly and beautiful Yura of Girl's Day made a lot of fans all over the world crazy for them as a couple in the program.

Until now, even after WGM, his interviews spoke of his stints in the show and about Yura as a partner. Consistently, he has answered that both maintained friendship even after the show and even see each other which followers even got confirmation particularly on the night of the TV Cable Awards where the two were spotted together, sitting side by side and chatting endlessly.

Now that Police Family 2 started promotions since last month, Hong Jong Hyun is very busy. Almost everyday, there are news and articles about him and the movie. Teasers of the movie have already been shared and watching them, personally, I can see that this is one movie where watchers will have a good and fun entertainment.

Sharing photos via media news of Hong Jong Hyun. 

Talks about the movie, Jin Se Yeon and one article where he also speaks [and well, reiterated what he already explained in WGM] of Nana. I am not hangul expert but well, using google translate, my ever reliable help, he just talked about friendship with her which basically he still keeps. Nothing really surprising anymore.  Nothing to be alarmed by the fans. [hahaha..well, reality is that fans are obsessive and possessive]

Hong Jong Hyun already denied the said rumor.

photos via articles

ํ™์ข…ํ˜„, ๋ชฝํ™˜์ ์ธ ํ™”๋ณด…๋ชจ๋ธ ์ถœ์‹  ๋‹ค์šด ‘ํŒ”์ƒ‰์กฐ ๋งค๋ ฅ’

Vogue Girl

I am really looking forward to Hong Jong Hyun's movie, Police Family 2 and hoping for it's success. Time to prove that his popularity is gaining so much momentum not only in media but hopefully will be translated to the success of the movie.

As a JjongAh fan/shipper/addict you name it mslee1107 is all, [lol] I wish that Yura will be seen in the VIP premiere of Police Family 2. Just to show support to "Jjong oppa". Well, I can dream, right?

Yah, come back to Seoul already Yura-shi. :))

I believe Hong Jong Hyun is the next big Hallyu star that will happen...


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Hong Jong Hyun is HOT!
Articles about him seem could not get enough of him!

Well, with new movie he is promoting pretty well.

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