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Friday, October 30, 2015

[mslee's thoughts] GIF Because It's The First Time Episode 4 Highlights

I can't help but really like this drama!
The story has depth but still, it is fun to watch. The characters are all interesting and are waiting for their chance for their future.

There will always be a soft spot inside Tae O's heart fro Song Yi. It is a given that she is the only first love for him and even if he seeks other girls to start a romance, Song Yi will always be in between him and this new girl. He just can't help it. Song Yi calls and he runs in a hurry.

I find it a bit dragging that Tae O has not yet discovered about Ji An being the one that Song Yi likes. Choi Hoon is much more sensitive when it comes to discerning situations. 

This time, she is crying because of some guy who dumped her. Well, it seemed that her confession was rejected.

Ji An is the most mature of them all and knowing this, it is not surprising that he is a person who plans everything. He has his own dreams and knows what he likes. 

He plans to confess his feelings at the right time.

He won't go into a relationship at this time when everything is not good. His priority is study and earning enough to sustain his college needs. But Song Yi is a part of that dream, of that plan in his life. 

He could not tell the reason behind his rejection. All he said was that he sees her as a friend only even if Song Yi did not believe him. He was frustrated thinking about what happened that night. Song Yi cried but keep the identity of him from Tae O. Tae O could not believe she was crying because of another guy.

One of the highlights in the episode for Choi Hoon was realizing that his parents still does not have faith in him. He thought he would be able to audition for a part in the script he studied but when he came on the studio, he was told to just appear when the film starts. Apparently, he would not do auditions anymore but already landed a role, even if only an extra character. Still, he was annoyed that his parents use money to bribe the production to accept him. I understand his thoughts and feelings. It should not be done that way. He wanted to start fresh, even at the bottom as he proved even to himself that he is worthy of the character given to him,  But his parents did not know this, did not realized this.

As Tae O continue to deny his feelings for Song Yi, he pursues Se Hyun. He finds it exhilarating... exciting to come after her and woe her. I think this is his way of turning away from Song Yi who likes another guy.

It's cute how they live together. It's fun watching them banter everytime. 

And my last thoughts as the episode comes to the end...

just as Song Yi thought that it might be her Tae O likes, and the feeling is  not repulsive but makes her smile... Ji An grabbed her hand inside the bus they were riding. Then in the other side of Seoul, Tae O walked Se Hyun home and she hinted that she likes him too.

Two romance will surely starts next episode. Or will Song Yi accept Ji An? Not sure though because this has been a unpredictable story since episode 1. But what if Tae O and Song Yi realized they really like each other and not Ji An or Se Hyun?

Although Song Yi had tol d Ji An she liked him since they were young. Ah.. mullaso! 

Then Choi Hoon and Ga Rin moment...

Can't wait for next episode!


some more gif

when Song Yi gets dumped and then gets drunk...

when Ji An and Song Yi don't talk and becomes uncomfortable with each other...

then talking to her as if nothing happened...

making her confused and a bit angry...

ah..complicated young love!

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