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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Third Wheel #theliarandhislover

Chan Young is getting annoying and irritating. His character has lots of love receiving from viewers but his stubbornness is getting tiresome. I just want to say that he keeps blaming Han Gyeol for whatever he feels... Like when he was added to the group and still felt an outsider or that his song is not good enough to make it number 1. I feel that he is becoming pathetic in blaming others when he should have also look with open mind what must be Han Gyeol felt when he was replaced by him. Well I think he did not know that. 

Now he is coming between So Rim and Han Gyeol when he knows exactly that she already is dating Han Gyeol. Chan Young is becoming selfish and greedier than Han Gyeol. At least Han Gyeol accepted the fact that So Rim has promised Chan Young about singing his song.

Ah...I don't like manipulative and scheming person and Chan Young is. If only ge will not assert himself on So Rim...😡

Well... Some screencaps from last night's episode.

Hope he realizes that it's not all about his pain but also others.


2PM Ok Taec Yeon Spotted! Airport Fashion

Oh well, Taec Yeon of 2PM has this charm of non challance and confidence at the same time. I am not surprised seeing him in this oh-so-casual attire. 

Anyway he still looks masculine and yummy even though he looks like just strolling in his neighborhood and not going to be spotted by media.

Yeah...you were caught by the cameras😀


Monday, April 24, 2017

Father is Strange - Joon Hee and Mi Young

I have been waiting for this scene to unfold. Mi Young and Joon Hee realizing they are "siblings"!

The time for Joon Hee to move in with his "father" has come. He was excited despite the circumstances of how he met and introduced himself to his father. He of  course does not know the truth. But then it seems that what is more important is to feel what its like to have a father in order for him to improve his acting. He has his own agenda but I guess he will soon realize that family is truly important. He will soon feel the warmth of a family even though he. Is really not a part of that family.

The moment came. Mi Young and Joon Hee both dumbfounded! 

Then the episode ended!

No preview either! How cruel!
Gotta wait another week to know what will happen.😭😭😭😭😭


Bought gifts for the members of the family...

The atmosphere is not good...

Mixed feelings...

Is he seeing Mi Young?


Yeah... She is Mi Young. 

the intern.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Sweet and Innocent - Han Gyeol's and So Rim's First Kiss. #theliarandhislover

The scene leading to their first kiss was very nice and cute and romantic which is typical and cliche in a k-drama. But the kiss is just as sweet and innocent... Like a fresh and light kiss between two young lovers starting to get intimate. Han Gyeol is such an adorable oppa and So Rim is so pretty innocent looking.

Ah...whose heart would not flutter seeing these two take that first kiss?



Some screencaps

First Still Photo of Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won in a New Drama

Upcoming KBS2 drama series Fight for My Way (English title) has shared it's first still image with Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won.

Via asianwiki


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Updating photos... HOT Oppa! 2PM Ok Taec Yeon's Pictorial for Singles

Eye candy. That's Taec Yeon! Seeing him in these pictorial for Singles is enough to make anyone drool over his masculine charm.

He is definitely a hot oppa!😋


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

( mslee’s thoughts) Whisper - First Review

From writer Park Kyung Soo of Empire of Gold and Punch, Whisper is another twist and turn plot that makes viewers hang on the edge of their seats every episodes. Judicial system is once again the backdrop of the drama like his previous work Punch. The corrupt system of the bureaucracy is the central theme of the drama. What’s interesting is that writer Park’s recognizable style in telling his stories never fails to bore me. His one liners… well his use of metaphor makes the mind games from the characters even more interesting.

Whisper is a “your move...now my turn” sort of game that is typical of writer Park style of drama. The wit is cliche and kind of predictable  yet seriously awesome.

The story started when a murder was committed and a man was falsely accused just because he was at the scene trying to save his friend when the police arrived. Well a makjang scene when the only concrete evidence which was his phone fell on the water and he is powerless compared to the one who did the crime. Basically his enemies are from the big lawyer firm which housed the best of the best lawyers in the country named TAEBAEK.

A firm that started 30 years ago between two partners who have nothing in common. One came from a wealthy family who acts superior (typical) and the other one came from a family who used to be the servants. I was not surprised that after all these years there seems to be no progress in the relationship between these two inspite of being partners. I suddenly missed the writer’s perspective in showing deep loyalty between his characters particularly in his villain creations.

Lee Dong Jun is a very realistic character. He showed that one can do something against his moral and principle if cornered and  might not regret his decisions in order to survive. His guilt is not something that eats him but it is just there whenever he likes to contemplate his deeds. His story is about surviving the moment. Plans can come later along with how to make up for his mistakes. He is not really a good turned bad kind of person. He still has his conscience bothering him inside. The interesting part of his story is his forced wedding to a woman he does not love, the daughter of TAEBAEK.

I know Park Kyung Soo does not show romance in his works. So I wonder if this will still be the case in this drama. The police daughter of the convicted/falsely accused murderer was fired from.the department. Her plan to blackmail Lee Dong Jun using their video footage at the hotel room came to nothing. She pushes him to help her get the real culprit. Their association is somewhat ironic after all that has happened between them but it seems that they have no one but the two of them to fight against the real  murderer. Should a blossoming love line between them needed to spice up the drama?

I guess it will be refreshing to see romance in this type of drama. If none I won't be surprise at all.

Justice versus power. Let the game resume.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Screen caps Strong Woman Do Bong Soon episode 10

Our petite heroine is getting confused regarding her feelings towards our handsome and charming CEO Min Hyuk. Again, the episode is also full of laughs, especially every time the hospitalized gangsters are on screen. Then the sudden appearance of a doppelganger of the gangster ahjussi [who is like a mummy lying...errr..tied down in the hospital] baffled Bong Soon as soon as she sees him in the office. A bully, according to secretary Kim. Love the scenes of the team manager aka doppelganger and Bong Soon.

Some screen caps only...